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You Ask, We Answer: Are Composite Doors Fire Rated?

When looking for a new front or internal door, most homeowners pay attention to the style and durability of a specific model. Yet, when it comes to doors, the quality goes far beyond the look. The right question to ask is whether your new door is secure? Each type of door has different characteristics and features, but one type seems to stand from the crowd for ticking most of the boxes when it comes to homeowner’s expectations.

However, most people don’t know whether composite doors are fire-rated. You asked, and we decided to provide a detailed answer. Let’s see what do we know about the most popular door type – composite doors, and if they are fireproof.

Composite Doors vs Timber and uPVC Doors

Composite doors boast better durability when compared to other types of doors, including timber and uPVC doors, and offer better protection in all areas of security.

The appropriate authorities recognize neither of these types as fireproof. However, some composite doors are specifically designed to provide a higher level of protection against smoke and fire, and you can find some fire-rated models in the composite door department. These doors differ from standard composite doors and offer different features, and this is what you should know about the features of a fire-rated door.

What Are the Main Features of a Fire Rated Door?

Fireproof doors are designed to contain the fire, prevent it from spreading further, and give residents some extra time to safely leave the premises. British Woodworking Federation is in charge of testing and rating doors accordingly to their ability to contain fire and smoke within a certain period of time (typically for 30 to 60minutes).

You’ll recognise fire-rated doors for their certified ratings. For instance, the “FD30 or FD60” rating, where FD stands for fire door and 30/60 for the minutes of fire resistance, which means this type of door will contain smoke and fire for 30 or 60 minutes. Doors rated as “FD30s” are smoke-sealed and offer even better protection.

However, keep in mind fire will eventually burn through any fireproof door. These doors are resistant to flames and smoke for a specified time period, certainly longer than with standard doors, but you should be careful even if you have a fire-rated door installed and make sure to leave out the premises as soon as possible in case of fire.

Where Do You Need Fire Doors?

If you live in a 2-storey house, you should have fire doors installed so they separate residing rooms, except for the toilet and bathroom, and stairwell, on both levels of the house. The same applies to multi-family homes, loft conversions, and garages.

However, fire-rated doors are more typical for commercial, public, mix-use and office buildings, dormitories, and non-domestic buildings.


A composite door can certainly offer protection against numerous elements on top of being extremely pleasing on the eye. Even when not fire rated, you can count on a high level of protection against fire, in fact – a much higher than with other, standard door types. With Afforde Doors, you can design your dream door on our website and we will do the rest to meet your highest expectations. If you have any questions about our wooden or composite doors, feel free to contact us anytime.

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