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What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

Composite doors are the sturdiest, most secure doors on the market, and there are a couple of massive reasons for that. Although they look a lot like hardwood doors, they are actually made of other materials. It’s these materials that make composite doors superior in terms of energy efficiency, durability, and strength compared to other types of doors. After all, the very name “composite doors” suggests that this type of door is not made from solely one but multiple materials. Today, we’re giving you a quick rundown of all the materials that make the magnificent composite door.

Composite Doors – Materials

Composite doors are, inter alia, made of glass-reinforced plastic or GPR, also known as fiberglass. Believe it or not, this is the material used for making fishing boots and has numerous applications when it comes to marine equipment.

The internal frame of composite doors is made of uPVC that is reinforced with steel, and it is fused to the layer of the aforenamed glass-reinforced plastic. And then, the inner layer of composite doors is made of multiple layers of engineered timber and a 48-mm thick timber core. Regular timber doors are susceptible to decay and low/high temperatures, while, on the other hand, composite doors can be exposed to elements and still not warp or fade.

Thermal polyurethane foam is used for filling in any gaps in-between internal components. Not only does it add an extra layer of insulation but it is also very light and doesn’t add any weight to the door. What is more, compared to steel doors, composite doors feature the same weight-to-strength ratio but it’s safe to say that steel doors tend to rust over time, which is definitely not the case with composite doors.

All of the composite doors’ components are glued together and exposed to high pressure, which ensures their durability. Speaking of durability, well-made, high-quality composite doors can last up to 30 years (provided they are properly maintained during all this time).

It’s the combination of the above-mentioned materials that make composite doors a cut above other types of doors – wooden, aluminium, or uPVC, in terms of strength, energy efficiency, and security. That is also why composite doors are resistant to colour fading, warping, and weathering in general but also why they are more expensive than other types of door.

We have explained the entire process of making composite doors in this blog and the installation process in this one.


Now that you know what are composite doors made of, you probably have greater confidence about equipping your home with specifically this type of door. We, Afforde Doors, are licensed Solidor door suppliers and installers with 20+ years of experience. With us, you can have your dream door designed by using our simple door designer, and, once you have ordered your dream door, it’s up to us to have it delivered and installed asap. Having any other composite door related questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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