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Why Is My Composite Door Leaking?

Composite doors are so sleek, highly secure, very low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and offer great performance overall. Yet, does it mean installing a composite door provides a 100% worry-free experience? Well, not exactly, mostly depending on who you buy from and who installed the door for you, but that is a whole another story.

We got several calls in the past few months and talked to people who had their composite doors leaking. They asked questions such as “why is my composite door leaking”, “do composite doors have drain holes”, etc. Today, we are making the answers to these and similar questions public.

So, Why Is Your Composite Door Leaky?

A leaky composite door is a problem many homeowners face at a certain point. In this blog, we talked about several other composite door issues you maybe would want to check out. If your composite door is leaking, chances are – the dirt is blocking drainage holes and preventing the water from getting out of your home.

In case there is an issue with weather gaskets or seals, or both, water may be leaking into your home. You should double-check on the seals and if they are in place. If the weather seals seem improperly installed in the door track, you’ll maybe want to contact the door supplier/installer so they can have this fixed. We’ll talk a bit more about reputable comprosite door suppliers and installers in the summary.

Do Composite Doors Have Drain Holes?

Sure thing, exterior composite doors, like other kinds of doors, have drain holes. Two slots and two holes in the composite doors’ threshold are responsible for draining excess water and making sure the water doesn’t get into the house.

How Do You Stop a Composite Door From Leaking?

Composite doors require little to no maintenance. Yet, you should maintain your drainage holes if you want to stop the door from leaking. Use a screwdriver or another sharp object to reach drainage holes and get the dirt out. You can also flush these holes to ensure they are dirt-free. Make sure to repeat the process once to twice a year to keep excess water out of your home.


We hope that we answered your main question – why is my composite door leaking, and other related ones. Please remember – having your composite door installed “on the cheap” can actually cost you more than you can imagine. Instead of having some local lad installing your composite doors, make sure to contact a professional installer. The Afforde Doors’ team is an approved supplier and installer of Solidor doors with years of experience in the industry. Having any questions about composite doors, feel free to reach out via e-mail, contact form, or phone and we’ll be more than glad to help.

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