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10 Types of Wooden Doors You Should Know About

Is every detail of your home carefully planned out? Then, it must be your living space exudes style, comfort, and positive energy. Thus, we understand picking a new door may not be an as simple decision as some may think. You are totally right for wanting something special! Don’t settle for just any type of door but one that matches your taste and your home’s design style. And, if you’ve laid your eyes on some gorgeous wooden doors (we admit it, the aesthetic and strength of wooden doors is hard to beat), you should first learn more about these 10 types of wooden doors (classified by wood and core types, design, and extra features) we touched up down below.

2 Types of Wood

1. Hardwood Doors

Hardwood doors (made of elm trees, walnut, oak, and maple to name a few, which all are deciduous trees) make the best choice for homeowners who are looking for highly resistant to elements, soundproof entrance doors  and a traditional feel at the same time. For instance, oak is dense, durable, and attractive option because it boasts a grainy look and makes a great choice for front doors (yet, keep in mind this type of door is a bit costly). Any hardwood doors can be reinforced with panels and multiple locks as well and easily transformed into security doors.

2. Softwood Doors

Softwoods grow at a rapid rate when compared to hardwoods, which is why doors made of these materials are more affordable. This type of wood is recognisable by cones and needled leaves (fir and pine are the most popular types in this category). Softwoods make a better choice for interior doors because they are not as resistant to weather elements as hardwoods.

Pine is a budget-friendly yet durable choice in the wooden doors department. If you are looking for attractive wooden interior doors, 6-paneled pine doors could be a nice pick.

Types of Wooden Doors By Color

Some wooden doors, such as cherry and cedar, have a red undertone, others come in brown-ish and pastel colours such as mahogany and walnut, and the third category has a more natural and neutral look such as white pine. Some wooden doors have a gray-ish or tinted colour, which means they have been treated with chemicals, which also makes it trickier to identify the type of wood they are made of.

Types of Wooden Doors By Grain

Different types of wood have different grains. Some of them have more (birch and alder) and others fewer knots (cherry). Sometimes, you’ll notice rings or lines in the grain, too. Mahagony probably has the most distinctive grain and pattern, while oak is relatively easy to recognise by its medium wood grain.

3 Types of Door Cores

Different door cores make a door more or less fire-resistant, sound-proof, and better or worse in temperature regulation. The four types of door cores include:

1. Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core wooden doors have become immensely popular in the last few years, especially the 6-panel doors. Lightweight and affordable, hollow core doors do well for interior use, although the frame with a plastic or paper board core make them not so great when it comes to fire resistance and sound-absorbing properties.

2. Solid Core Doors

Lightweight and easy to install, solid core doors boast higher-quality workmanship than hollow core doors. This type of door is made of medium-density fibreboard or wood veneer and a composite core (masonite or particleboard). It is slightly pricier than the hollow core door for they provide much better sound absorption, although they are still not suitable for external use.

3. Solid Wood Doors

Finally, solid wood doors make a darn good choice for both internal and external use. This type of wooden door is well known for durability and quality but keep in mind they are also on the heavy side and more expensive than solid core and hollow core doors. If you want to make solid wood doors more resistant to sun damage, give them another layer of finish.

Types of Wooden Doors by Design

1. Traditional

It is practically impossible not to love the traditional wooden door. Choosing this exact type sends a message of sophistication and class and speaks a lot about the quality of the wood itself but also your taste as a homeowner.

2. Rustic

Rustic and barn-inspired wooden doors are lovely! They give any space that countryside-home-look while the colors (from faded to bold dark) bring in an interesting twist. Rustic and barn-inspired doors are used as both interior and exterior doors.

3. Modern

Glass side accents, asymmetrical lines, stylish doorknobs – modern doors can truly elevate your home décor game. Giving a perfect touch to any space, modern doors contribute to a more open feel and not only upgrade your home’s appearance but also improve your life.


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