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DIY Composite Doors Installation – A Quick and Easy Guide

If you are a self-builder, an experienced or aspiring DIYer, maybe you would want to change your old doors with new composite doors and install them without anyone’s help. Plus, if you decide to take the DIY route, you can save up to £400 in total, which can only motivate you even more about the task. Today, we’ll be going through the composite door installation steps so you can learn how to fit your new door yourself.

How to Install Composite Doors?

1. Measure the door opening brick-to-brick, from the bottom towards the middle and the top.

2. Your new doors should ideally be 10-20mm higher and wider, which will leave you enough space to square the frame when fitting them.

3. Now that you have the right measurements, design and order your dream door via this link.

4. Once you have your composite doors delivered, measure their width and height before unpacking them and proceed if the measurements are right.

5. Remove the wrapping, take the handle and sill out, and remove keys from the side of the door.

6. Before opening the door, tighten the screws on the hinges by using a 4mm Allen key to make sure they stay in place once fitted.

7. Install the handles, put the screws in, and tighten them by using a hand screwdriver or a low-power drill.

8. Unscrew your old doors’ hinges to remove the old door slab.

9. Cut the old frame at an angle and use a flat bar to make some room between the frame and the wall.

10. Cut the old sill, remove any dust, fill this space with some foam, and fit a new one whilst using a lever.

11. Place your new composite doors within the frame opening and tuck in some packers all around to make sure they are not moving.

12. Use 120mm concrete screws for doors and a hammer drill and start drilling through the frame into brickwork from the bottom to the top.

13. Now, fix the hinge sides (top and bottom and the middle hinge) and use a level to make sure everything is nice and even.

14. Do the same on the lock side and double-check whether you can close and lock the door without any issues.

15. If you think that you should make some hinge adjustments, take the bottom and top caps off the hinges.

16. Use a 6mm socket and a 4mm Allen key. The socket should go on top of the hinge and an Allen key should be used for undoing the front screw.

17. Your composite doors will now be much looser so you can move them. Once you find a perfect position for them, just tighten the screw you previously loosened.

18. Fill in any gaps around the door by using a foam gun.

19. Cut and install the trim (top door casing and side trim) around the door.

20. Seal the door and use white silicone to add a final touch.


Now that we went together through this step-by-step guide on how to install composite doors, you would probably be able to handle the job on your own, without any stress. Yet, it does save a decent sum of money, however, going for a supply-only deal can sometimes go wrong.

Afforde Doors is a certified Solidor door supplier and installer. You can design and order your composite door directly from our website and install it on your own or you can design it and have it fitted by professionals. Contact us via this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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