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Can You Break Into a Composite Door?

Made of reinforced materials, composite doors doubtlessly feature great strength and best-in-class quality. What’s more, locking mechanisms this type of door comes with can elevate your overall security and pose a challenge for intruders. Yet, can you still break into a composite door?

You can break into any type of door with a, let’s say, power tool. If you blow off the hinges, you can break into a composite door, hypothetically. Yet, in the real world, it is very unlikely intruders would use any tool that create as much noise as a power tool. Anyone hearing the sound of a power tool in the middle of the night would call the police right away.

Yet, today, we want to take all of the possibilities into account, compare composite doors to other styles, and see where we stand in terms of security with each.

Composite vs Timber Door

Both composite and timber doors are quite robust and sturdy. Yet, the locking point is the greatest weakness of a timber door. This type has only one locking point whilst the composite door has several locking points, which make it harder to break through.

Composite vs UPVC Door

With the UPVC door, the story goes in reverse. This type of door has a multi-point locking system, just like composite doors do. However, the construction of the UPVC door is incomparable to composite doors. UPVC panels are quite unchallenging for burglars to break into your home. A well-aimed boot, and burglars are in. With a composite door, there is no way someone would break into your home without trying very hard.

Composite vs Aluminum Door

Although stronger and more durable than UPVC doors, aluminum doors are still a class under the composite door. It takes a while to break through an aluminum door but still a lot less effort than with a composite door.

Here, you can read more about why composite doors make a better choice than other door styles.

What Makes Composite Doors So Hard to Break Through?

A chisel, hammer, or any other average burglar’s tool simply can’t break through the resilient external structure of a composite door. When knowing the tool should pass 2mm GRP, laminated hardwood core, PU foam, and multiple hinge blocks, it’s already clear why composite doors pose a major challenge to burglars.

The main thing that keeps you safe is this multi-point locking system. These systems have become so advanced, especially doors equipped with “Ultion” locks. A thief would get a headache trying to break in.

Now you may be thinking intruders might try to break through the glass, right? Composite doors come with bead fixed cassette, double glazing, and laminate glass. All this makes glass practically impossible to break.


So, can you break into a composite door? You can, under very strange circumstances. Breaking through this type of door would be a struggle, which is not the case with alu, UPVC, and timber doors. In case a thief sees a composite door, it is highly likely they would look elsewhere.

You can find a wide range of composite door styles at Afforde Doors. Not only Solidor composite door are the safest but you can easily create a design that matches your living space. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate – contact us today!

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