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Top 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying and Installing a New Door

Chipped, badly damaged, or misaligned doors that scrape your floors and produce creepy sounds – these all are the signs why you should have your old doors replaced in the shortest term possible. Not to mention safety risks doors like this can pose!

However, instead of making hasty decisions, take these top 5 mistakes in mind first. Otherwise, your new doors will take away from your home’s value, safety, and comfort, and that’s exactly what we want to help you avoid. This guide is created with a clear mission in mind – to educate you so you can make a well-informed and wise decision before buying and installing your new front, internal, or patio doors.

1. Choosing doors that do not complement your home’s style.

Before we move onto the functional requirements of your new door, let’s discuss your home’s aesthetics for a second! Not being considerate about your home’s style will make your new doors stick out like a sore thumb! So, think twice whether those chunky uPVC doors would fit into the whole image!

On the other hand, a well-designed door that matches your home’s architectural style will bring harmony and massively increase its curb appeal. Afforde Doors, one of the leading supply and installation door companies in the UK, gives you an attractive array of designs and finishes to choose from. And if you want something special, you can design your dream door on our website and get a free quote as well!

2. Disregarding energy efficiency.

New doors should reduce energy losses to an as high extent as possible. Provided they are installed properly, your new doors will keep the indoor temperature more than pleasant, no matter the season! If you’re exploring your options, composite doors might tick all the boxes for you. Not only does this type of door looks incredibly chic but they are among the most energy-efficient doors on the market (most of them have an “A” rating).

3. Not caring about security standards.

To protect yourself from intruders and thieves, choose sturdy doors that come with additional security features. An anti-bump cylinder or a high-quality locking system will keep you and your family safe.

4. Not asking your door installer for an opinion.

If you want a perfect combination of design and functionality, why wouldn’t you ask a professional for their opinion? Whether you have any special glazing, security, or colour requirements – no one can give you a better piece of advice than a door installer/fitter. We are there for you! Contact us via this form and we’ll be more than glad to do whatever we can to help you find the best fit!

5. Installing doors yourself.

Most homeowners are willing to invest more in the doors themselves but trying to save some pounds by installing them on their own. The doors may end up unbalanced, not secure, and leaks may appear as well. Skip the aggravation and hire a professional door fitter (like us) to handle the installation and make your doors fully functional from day one.

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