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Do Composite Doors Really Improve Home Security?

We guess you’ve already thought about ways how to make your doors more secure. No wonder, you want to know that, once you get back home, you are safe, secure, and relaxed. However, knowing that there is one burglary every 40 seconds in the UK, feeling fully relaxed is quite hard, you’ll admit. Maybe a new door could improve your home security? Which one, you might ask. Well, composite doors seem like a darn good choice, because they do really improve home security. Down below, we will explain this claim in detail and give you 4 strong arguments why investing in composite doors would be a wise move.

1. Composite doors are more resistant to elements and stronger than uPVC and timber doors.

It is true that timber and uPVC doors can’t compare to composite doors. Composite doors have a solid timber core that is coated in ABS, also known as a thermoplastic cool skin or a thick foam core reinforced with GRP or glass-reinforced plastic. Either of these two cores gives composite doors the strength of steel and contributes to their ability to cope with almost any element. Plus, composite doors are as twice as thick as uPVC doors and, of course, more resistant to UV light, salt, and chemicals.

2. Composite doors are stronger than aluminum doors.

Aluminum is lighter than fiberglass and, thus, aluminum doors are less secure than composite doors. If you need normal-sized front doors that will keep burglars away, composite doors could be a better pick. However, if you need doors to fit larger openings, we recommend you choose aluminum doors.

3. Composite doors have multi-point locks – anti-pick and anti-drill locks.

Composite doors meet the highest security standards since they have reinforced frames, anti-pick and anti-drill locks, and premium adjustable hinges. So, there are two finger bolts, two hooks, and a deadbolt that protect you from burglars and make composite doors almost impossible to break into.

4. Composite doors do not warp.

Seems like burglars are more active during late autumn and in the winter. The reason behind this is that most doors warp or go thinner during the summer months, which makes them easier to break through. Composite doors, on the other hand, do not warp and are resistant to contracting and expanding. This type of door truly ticks all the boxes when it comes to security and can give you peace of mind all year long.


Believe it or not, installing new composite doors will make your home less attractive to burglars. Knowing how hard it is to break through this type of door, burglars will simply get discouraged to even try to get into your home. Afforde Doors is a family-owned company based in Carshalton with over 30 years of experience in Solidor doors fitting, maintenance, and installation. If you’re looking for a unique door design, go check out our door designer, design your dream door, and get a free quote! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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