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Why Composite Doors Are Better Than Other Styles?

With so many options on the market, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when choosing new front doors. PVC, wooden, or composite doors – can you spot the difference already? The latter still makes an innovative solution not so many people are familiar with. Thus, we are here today to explain why composite doors are better than other styles.

What Makes Composite Doors So Special?


1. Increased Security

Traditional PVC or wooden doors can’t compete with composite doors when it comes to security. Due to their unique build, including individual cylinders in the locks, automatic locks, and galvanised reinforced steel, composite doors are nearly impossible to break or drill through.


2. Energy Saving

Composite doors are energy efficient, which will insulate your home, retain the energy within the space, and save you some money too! When the heat can’t find any cracks to escape through, your nest will be toasty all winter long.


3. Weather Resistance

Wooden and PVC doors are prone to damages and leakages. When the bad weather hits, don’t get surprised if you notice creeping in. Composite doors are well-sealed and the front material is resistant to weather, so stormy weather can’t cause any harm to it.


4. Low Maintenance

Wood doors are prone to swelling, becoming sticky, the heat is escaping through the gaps, while PVC doors tend to crack. Once this happens, you can’t do anything besides buying a new door. Composite doors are rigid, durable, and don’t require frequent maintenance (there’s no need for painting, sanding, or staining).


5. Colourful and Attractive

Although some homeowners may consider this a trivial benefit, others care about the curb appeal of their residences. You can choose between vibrant, bright, or classic colours. Check out our vast selection to find the colour that fits your dwelling best.


The choice of your front door determines how breath-taking or welcoming impression your home makes, and this is one of the reasons why composite doors are better than other styles. If you have been thinking to upgrade your front door, Afforde Doors will help you reach the goal. Book an appointment today!

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