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How Composite Doors Can Help You Stay Warm This Winter?

We have started transitioning from lovely, bright, and warm days and the pleasant British summer to the wet and windy season. And you know that this time of the year when we should put the clocks back makes us all want to grab a cup of tea, wrap ourselves in blankets, and huddle on a sofa. However, if your home is not properly insulated, the temperature inside won’t be much different than the outside and you simply won’t be feeling the vibe.

Want to keep your dwelling place warm all winter long? Composite doors can take you there! This post is all about how composite doors can make your home snug and warm.

Insulation Properties

During the winter, heat belongs in your home, and composite doors can help you actually keep it in there. Composite doors are very energy-efficient, way more (up to 6 times to be precise) than standard wooden, uPVC, or aluminum doors. If we take energy-efficiency ratings into account, composite doors are mostly A and B-rated, which means they can provide the highest level of insulation and efficiency.

If you are constantly turning the heating up and things just never get better, poor insulation is the one to blame. Installing front composite doors can make your home toastier almost instantly!

Lower Your Heating Bills

Feeling cozy and not chilly in your home while it is cold or snowing outside is great! The second greatest thing we can think of right now is – paying less for your heating bills. This is the right time to install composite doors, at least if you want to keep your heating bills from going wild this winter. Composite doors can prevent drafts from sneaking in and lowering the temperature inside your home, which, automatically, reduces the need to constantly turn up the heating. Plus, by installing composite doors, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions.

Bonus: Low Maintenance

As you already know, dirt, mud, salt, and other road debris can easily make your front doors quite dirty. What is more, this kind of abrasive dirt can cause damage to wooden doors or uPVC doors. Composite doors are not prone to such damages and, on top of it all, need very little to no maintenance, even during the winter months. If they get muddy, just wipe the dirt down using a soft cloth and soapy water and you’ll instantly restore the fabulous appearance of your entrance composite doors.


Hurry up! You still have some time before the winter to make your home more energy-efficient. And, if you need made-to-measure composite doors, consider one of the most reliable composite door suppliers in Carshalton – Afforde Doors.

We are official suppliers and fitters of Solidor composite doors. Here, you can choose between various styles (traditional, cottage, French doors, and more) and design your dream doors, then choose your best date and time and book an appointment or installation. Or, you can fill out the contact form if you have any additional composite doors-related questions and we’ll be more than glad to help!

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