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Are Composite Doors Worth the Money?

Having in mind the price of composite doors can vary between £800 and £2,000 (or even go up for a couple of more hundreds) you are probably asking yourself whether this price justifies the quality this type of door provides. Basic PVC doors can be bought at a price of £250 + installation, timber and wooden doors’ prices start at around £700 and can go up to £5,000, while the starting price of aluminum doors goes from £1,500 to £5,000. However, when buying a new door, whether it be a front or internal door, you should take a few additional factors into account other than just the price. So, today we’re answering the question are composite doors worth the money and elaborating on the reasons why the answer to this question is – yes, they are.

4 Factors That Shape the Price of Composite Doors

1. Construction

Composite doors’ construction consists of a strong, solid, and layered timber core. And then, there is a strong heard-wearing metal frame that, when combined with the timber core, results in an outstanding resilience and endurance that is almost impossible to compare to other types of door.

2. Security

The multi-point locking mechanism makes sure composite doors are highly resistant to forced entries. In other words – composite doors are engineered to provide robust security and keep intruders away, which justifies the price of this type of door. In this blog, we’ve talked in detail about composite doors and whether they truly improve home security.

3. Energy efficiency

GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic makes composite doors resistant to weather elements as well and increases their longevity even more. Since composite doors can keep cold air outside and prevent heat loss, they can insulate any property and lower your bills during the winter since this type of door is very energy efficient. All in all, paying a higher price for composite doors initially can truly save you a significant amount of money in the long run. More information about composite doors’ thermal efficiency can be found on this link.

4. Low maintenance

Composite doors require occasional wipes and basically, that’s it – they don’t require any further maintenance. You don’t have to paint (although you can if you want, and we’ve explained how to do it in this guide), sand, or varnish composite doors and they would still look great years after they’ve been installed, which is not the case with, let’s say, uPVC or wooden doors.


So, the exceptional longevity, security, thermal insulation, and low maintenance make composite doors totally worth the money. There are also other types of high-quality doors such as timber or aluminum doors while composite doors combine the best traits of each. If you’ve been thinking about equipping your home with new composite doors, our door design could be of great help. You can design your dream door for free on our website and only then contact us about any other questions you may have or regarding the installation.

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