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10 Best Practices When Providing Services after Lockdown

With the COVID19 pandemic not yet coming to an end, we all have to be extra careful in order to remain healthy. Yet, how do we remain productive at the same time? Not everyone has the chance to work remotely. Today, we are talking about the best practices when providing services after lockdown for people who have no other choice but being in contact with others.


1. Make sure everyone in your team stays at home if they have the flu. Even a mild cough can be a symptom of coronavirus. If the virus starts spreading in your community, everyone should do a test.

2. Everyone in your company should wear surgical face masks. You can also ask your customers to wear masks when visiting your business’s premises. Keep paper tissues around for people with a runny nose or cough.

3. Promote hand washing. Place sanitizing dispensers near the entrance and encourage your team members to wash their hands more frequently.

4. Wear protective gloves. This applies to people working with money in the first place but everyone else should follow this practice as well.

5. Disinfect tables and objects multiple times a day.

6. Avoid business trips to other cities.

7. Practice physical distancing. If possible, keep it at 1.5 meters. Your team workers should keep a distance as well.

8. Schedule breaks into groups. No more than 5 people should be on break at the same time.

9. Avoid large meetings or at least – hold them outdoors.

10. Restrain from physical contact and avoid handshakes, hugs, kisses, etc.

Afforde Doors Are Working Safely During Coronavirus

Afforde Doors have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure our and our customers’ safety.


  • – We are not carrying out any door fitting in households where one or more members are advised to isolate.
  • – We make sure to contact all of our customers prior to arrival to their home. This way, we minimize the need for face-to-face communication once we are at your home. Yet, we also wear masks and will ask you to do the same.
  • – We act simply – fit your new door, disinfect the area, and leave. Also, we remove all belongings and eventual waste from our work area.
  • – You can make payments online (transfer money from your to our bank account) if this makes you feel safer.


Working with our customers is the best thing about our job. As much as we love you, we want to ensure we all get through this with no consequences. That’s why we stick to our government’s recommendations on how to minimize the risks and carry out the best practices when providing services after lockdown.

Afforde Doors design, fit, and maintain your doors so that you enjoy your living space best but also try to save you from potential risks. Now that you know we follow strict guidelines but still remain open for business and your needs, contact us for more info about our services!

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