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How Are Composite Doors Made?

You must have heard numerous times that composite doors are, besides the fact that they are beautiful-looking, intrusion-resistant, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance as well. Yet, just listing these couple of attributes and benefits doesn’t really make you convinced about buying in, right? Today, we wanted to explain the entire process of making composite doors so you can get a better understanding of all of the factors that contribute to the quality of this type of door.

Composite Door Manufacturing Process

The composite door manufacturing process starts with cutting and shaping a timber door blank according to a customer’s desire using a high-quality CNC machine. Then, the color coating is applied to the door to seal its edge. However, we have to stress out that moulding the door skin includes continuous and repeated fine-tuning.

The next step is to apply an adhesive spray in order to bring together the door and the skin. Once the spraying process is finished, an even pressure is applied to the door during a 1-hour frame.

Right before cuts for handles, locks, glass, and letter plates are made using a CNC machine, additional trimming is required in order to clean everything up. The timber is sealed once more time and locks and advanced locking mechanisms are installed.

Meanwhile, a high-quality energy-efficient door frame is being cut to the right size. To increase the strength and enhance the energy efficiency of the door, a formal security bar is installed as well. We’ve wrote an entire blog about composite door energy efficiency you might want to go through.

Finally, the frame and the door are brought together, desired laminated or toughened glass is being decorated (sealed and filled with argon gas that keeps heat inside your home during winter and keeps it out during summer), and hinges and the weather rail are fitted. The entire door is then put on the rotating clamping rigs to make it more convenient for glazed cassettes to be placed into the right position. While the door is still in this position, the glass is being installed as well.

The door then goes through the quality control process and, if it does meet all the criteria and standards, ends up being wrapped and delivered to the supplier, transferred to the customer’s house and installed.


Hopefully, this short story about the manufacturing/production process was not only interesting to you but also made it clear why more and more homeowners are installing entrance composite doors (and, obviously, it is definitely not just because this type of door makes a statement).

If you want your entrance door that is looking fab, but is well-built and secure at the same time, Afforde Doors, an approved Solid doors supplier and installer, could be the right partner for you. You can read more about us as a company on this blog.

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