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5 Pros and Cons of Composite Front Doors

No more than a couple of years ago, wooden and UPVC entrance doors dominated the UK door market – all until composite doors came into focus. This new trend gained a lot of traction for its eye-catching effect. Yet, there’s a lot more to discover about composite front doors. Today, we are talking about 5 pros and cons of this now dominating, superb door solution.


1. Aesthetics
Apparently, composite front doors are very charming. The unique combination of contours and patterns grabs the eye instantly. If you find certain similarities to wooden doors, the reason for this is because solid timber core makes one of the materials used for making composite doors. Other materials involved in the making of composite doors include uPVC and glass-reinforced plastic. No one can deny composite doors are incredibly alluring.

2. Low Maintenance
Wooden doors (timber in the first place) need a lot of care. If you want to keep the original look of wooden doors, you have no other choice but to repaint or retouch them every once in a while.

Composite doors, although resembling authentic wooden doors, require very little to no maintenance. Soak a microfiber cloth into warm soapy water, make a few wipes, and your composite front door will be gleaming again.

3. Security 
The thickness and strength of a composite door are unbelievable. We can guarantee you won’t find a sturdier solution on the door market.

Burglars just hate composite doors. Why? Because a sore shoulder is everything they can get if they try to break through a composite door. The laminated glass can be tempting but guess what? It can shatter if someone tries to break in but it will still remain in place.

The key to the security of composite front doors is in the incorporated multi-point locking mechanisms. Once you lock the door, the mechanism creates a strong, unbreakable seal. With this type of front door, you can leave the house fully confident that your belongings will stay protected.

4. Durability
Install a composite front door, and you won’t have to worry about replacing the door for the next 35 years at least. Composite doors last for a lifetime, which is one of the main reasons why all the craze about this new trend is not likely to quiet down anytime soon.


1. Price
Now, the only con to this whole story is that you would have to pay some extra if you want to reduce your energy costs and have the highest possible protection from burglars. On the other hand, you can take this as a long-term investment that will certainly pay off, big time.


Taking into account the pros and cons of composite front doors, can you say no to this particularly eye-catching trend? Afforde Doors specialises in manufacturing, fitting, and maintaining high-quality interior and exterior doors. Our vast offer includes both composite and wooden doors. You can easily find your perfect pick by designing your ideal door in our designer section. Contact us to get a quote and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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