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Best Composite Door Maintenance Tips

Inherently, composite doors are low-maintenance but you should still dedicate several minutes in a month to cleaning them. Composite doors offer the highest quality of workmanship, performance, and style, so it would be nice to invest some effort into keeping them clean, which will also extend their lifespan. We have put a short guide on how to care for your composite door. Yet, if you would like to know more about composite door cleaning, feel free to get in touch with us.

Basic Cleaning

It takes no more than a couple of minutes to go with a wet and soft cloth over the door frame and panels to remove buildup (grime and dirt). You can use a sponge instead whilst both cold and warm water will do. When it comes to cleaning products, go for washing liquids and hand soaps and avoid using harsh chemicals.

Clean the hinges as well, as dirt accumulated around these spots can prevent the door from closing fully. Run a dry cloth over the door surface to give it a nice finishing touch.

Stain Cleaning

If your composite door has got stained over the years, use non-abrasive cleaners only. PVC cleaners are too abrasive, even for stubborn stains on composite doors, so try not to use any, at least if you want to prevent further damage. Blow through drainage holes once a year to make sure there is no dirt stuck in there either that would cause further staining.


If you want to go a step further and bring out the shine out of your door, polish the handles, hinges, knocker, and letterbox every once in a while. Again, stay away from strong cleaning agents but stick to mild detergents and soaps instead. Dry the parts with a wadding cloth.

If you have glass panels in your composite front door, polish it as well. All you need is glass cleaner, warm water, and a soft cloth.

Maintain the Lock

Maintaining your composite door involves several tasks more besides regular cleaning. For instance, if you want to remain safe in your home, take proper care of the lock. Lubricate it once per year to make sure every single part of the mechanism is working at its best.

Hinge Adjustment

Here we come to the least fun part of maintaining your door, whether it be composite, PVC or wooden – adjusting the hinges. Don’t worry, it is completely natural to make some adjustments after some time of constant use. Simply adjust the screws a bit and you will ensure efficient performance and the highest level of safety of your composite door.


When you compare composite to wood doors that require annual treatment, the low-maintenance nature of the first type of door is just amazing. The appearance is just an added bonus to the overall functionality of any composite door. Yet, if you want to make it stand out even more, follow the maintenance tips we mentioned in the article. Check out our offer of Solidor composite doors and contact us for more info!

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